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We Need A Change world

We the people always change our mindset to everything we live in a world where every day things going change people change we all are destroying nature every day.

some people work on it but it’s not enough we all are come together to save our environment and mother nature it’s our responsibility to make it better for tomorrow

We should think what we give to our coming generations it’s our responsibility to give him a better future so come together to make it better  planet it’s suffering form our pollution

It took millions of years for the earth to. become  habitable  and we ruined it only 400 to 450 years and today we talk to save it

Our responsibility to make it perfect and giving our small or big  contribution  to make it better for future generations and they live in safe environment

The first thing we do we use to renewable energy for our energy need it’s make a better pollution free  environment for our coming generations

We make our industry 0 corbon emission every where we need to use renewable energy then we find our target to make a better tomorrow

So come together to make a better world we all need to contribute our efforts to make it better  there are many ways to make it better

We use public transport which also use green energy government decided to make electricity with renewable energy

Government also subsidies renewable energy based industry to promote and increase these type industry

People also think don’t waste our resources they are limited and make pollution like coal and petroleum products

Our little contribution make a big change so come together and think about it

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